Arkansas National Historic Landmarks

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Formal Name City Type
Arkansas Post Gillett District
Bates, Daisy, House Little Rock Building
Bathhouse Row Hot Springs District
Beginning Point of the Louisiana Purchase Survey Marvell Site
Camden Expedition Sites Little Rock District
Centennial Baptist Church Helena Building
City of Oakland (USS Hoga) (Tug) North Little Rock Structure
Eaker Site Blytheville Site
Fort Smith Fort Smith District
Little Rock Central High School Little Rock Building
Menard-Hodges Site Nady Site
Nodena Site Wilson Site
Old State House, Little Rock Little Rock Building
Parkin Indian Mound Parkin Structure
Robinson, Joseph Taylor, House Little Rock Building
Rohwer Relocation Center Cemetery Rohwer District
Toltec Mounds Site Scott Site
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Primary Data Source: National Park Service's National Historic Landmarks Program.